5 Tough Situations That Come With Leadership

5 Tough Situations That Come With Leadership

I could go on and on about the perks that come with being a leader. But not every leadership responsibility is a walk in the park – leaders constantly run into tough situations. Part of being an effective, successful leader is making the tough decisions that no one wants to make.

Here are a few tough situations you are bound to run into as a leader:

  1. You must be the one to deliver bad news. Transparency is essential to being a strong leader, don’t hide problems or any kind of trouble. Be honest with your team; deliver negative information in a confident and collective manner. Announcing bad news stinks, but by remaining calm and honest, you can make this uncomfortable task a little less intimidating.
  2. Members can’t always get what they want. It’s a shame, but you can’t always meet the requests of all your members. You’re always going to disappoint a member or two. As long as you remain confident in your members and point out the positive side of things, your members will remain positive and productive.
  3. Sometimes you have to be stern. During your time as a leader, you will run into situations where a member does not fulfill their duties or is not participating effectively. Warnings can be a great way to get a member back on track, but you can only give so many warnings before you have to put your foot down. Don’t be afraid to be stern, speak calmly and be direct. Make them understand that they are letting the team down and discuss further steps. Anger  can be extremely discouraging – being stern is more effective in getting your members to perform better.
  4. Tough decisions must be executed. Yes, you may have to make that tough decision to fire a member or two. As a leader, it is important that you remain faithful in your team. But sometimes there are members that refuse to be team players. After warnings, and stern discussions, you may have to make the decision to fire uncooperative members. It’ll be hard, it’ll be awkward and you may feel guilty – but in the long run, this will make your team stronger.
  5. You will say “no.”Not every idea can be executed. Not every request can be processed. And not every member will like hearing that notorious word. However, as a leader, you must keep the best interest of your team and your goal in mind at all times. Remember, you can’t say yes to every idea – if it doesn’t contribute to the end goal than you may need to say “no.”

At times, being a leader can be tough. But, if you stay level headed and confident in your team, dealing with difficult situations will get easier. Remember, you’re never alone in AIESEC, you have a network of international friends that are more than happy to send advice and help. All you have to do is ask!

– Kyle Moschen

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